Linking Drones to Industry

In Real Time

Fewer buttons to push, a simple interface and the most user-friendly experience mean you’ll spend less time learning complex systems and more time getting work done. The Botlink app lets you plan, control and fly your mission in the safest and most effective way possible. Automated drone control, airspace alerts, manned aircraft locations and weather advisories are all at your fingertips.

Simple connectivity

The Botlink XRD is a cellular device that allows users to send and receive data in real time and beyond line of sight. The XRD includes external antennas that pick up high-bandwidth LTE signals in rural areas as though they were in the center of a metropolitan area. This means imagery and data are processed, stitched and sent anywhere you need them, while the aircraft is still in the air.

Seamless integration

Botlink is the only drone control and data delivery system that allows you to feed data directly into your existing business infrastructure. We’ve partnered with the world’s top providers of industry-specific software to enable seamless integration of aerial data directly into the precision agriculture, job site management or inspection software you are currently using.

Aircraft Avoidance

Manned and unmanned aircraft are tracked in real time to keep you constantly aware of your surroundings, greatly reducing the risk of mid-air collisions.

Airspace Awareness

Restricted airspace, temporary flight restrictions and military operations areas are clearly displayed to show where you can fly safely and legally.

Drone Control

Operators have numerous options for automated and manual drone control that include survey tools, follow-me modes, auto takeoffs and landings, camera controls and point-to-point navigation.

Data Processing

Easily capture, process and deliver data automatically to the cloud or manually to your computer with the touch of only a few buttons.

Industry Integrations

Botlink integrates seamlessly with leading, industry-specific software including precision agriculture, construction, job site management and infrastructure inspection platforms.


All information is encrypted using industry-leading technology. Data access requires both authentication and authorization, meaning users are only able to view their own data.


The XRD is not only the most technologically advanced cellular device on the market, it’s also the most compact.
With a sleek enclosed finish the XRD can fit on any fixed wing or multi rotor drone on the market. It’s dynamic airflow finish complements its intentional lightweight design and structure for a total weight of just 43 grams.

XRD Specs

HEIGHT / 21.11mm
WIDTH / 64.65mm
DEPTH / 51.23mm
WEIGHT / 43 grams

Join the intelligent drone revolution

Everything from photo stitching to video relay, camera controls and beyond line-of-sight communication and control are faster and more efficient than ever before. By eliminating the time it takes to process your data, the XRD will empower you with the ability to Fly Smarter.