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Botlink connects drones to construction. We help you capture, process and deliver aerial imagery to make each phase of your project more productive. Botlink easily captures data from drones and pushes it to the cloud, so on-site personnel, construction managers, engineers and owners all have real-time access to the data collected.

Simple aerial imagery

Botlink is the easiest, safest and most reliable way to use drones for planning, project monitoring and jobsite evolution tracking. With a few touches of the Botlink app, your construction site will be automatically flown and the images captured will be processed and uploaded to the cloud automatically. There are no memory cards to remove and nothing to upload. Best of all, this process happens seamlessly and automatically through a secure cellular connection.

Unbelievable access

Drones allow construction companies to monitor and analyze project data that is typically challenging or costly to access. Botlink gives you the ability to safely fly drones above your projects and then automatically push the aerial imagery gathered where you need it, in real time.


Better data leads to more accurate bids and fewer expensive changes in the field. You’ll win more jobs, remain on schedule and stay within budgets - ultimately improving your bottom line.

Project Planning

Improve pre-project planning with on-demand aerial imagery. Everything from fence and crane locations to equipment staging areas can be planned and communicated effectively.


As projects develop and sites change, Botlink gathers aerial imagery to document the progress and evolution and makes that imagery available to anyone, in any location.

Document buried assets

Capture on-demand aerial imagery as infrastructure is installed and buried underground so you never have to guess about the location of buried assets again.


Create as-built documentation, resolve disputes to justify any delays or overages and compile historical data to help secure future projects at the site or with the owner.


The custom, immersive images from drones can be used as alluring before-and-after website and brochure photos, providing a perspective not available from common aerial photography services.

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Botlink is available as an add-on for your existing drone or as a bundle that includes an aircraft, camera, tablet and a subscription to all of Botlink's powerful, yet easy-to-use features including image capture/processing, automated drone control, manned aircraft alerts, weather information and 3rd party software integrations.

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