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Botlink connects drones to agriculture. Getting crops in and out at the right time is one of the biggest factors in determining whether it will be a successful year, so getting access to actionable information quickly and conveniently is extremely important. Botlink easily captures data from drones and pushes it to the cloud, so farmers and agronomists have real-time access to the data collected.


Botlink triggers your drone's camera hundreds of times during a typical flight and automatically sends those images to our cloud-based system. The overlapping images are combined into a single, georeferenced image which is automatically saved in our system or uploaded directly to your agX account. Since Botlink also connects your drone to the internet, all of this is done automatically...often before the aircraft even lands.

On-Demand Aerial Data

Botlink solves the biggest pain point with drones...getting actionable data directly to the person who can act on it. As a farmer you'll have access to on-demand aerial data so you or your agronomist can figure out what and where to focus on.


Scout fields, locate possible ditch locations and plan for the year ahead with pre-emergence aerial imagery gathered by a Botlink powered drone.

Variable Application

Save thousands of dollars a season and experience more consistent growth by using drones to gather the information necessary to create variable rate prescriptions for fertilizer, herbicide and fungicide application.

Plant Health

Monitor plant health and moisture levels by utilizing NDVI imagery captured from drone flights over your fields. High-resolution imagery typically begins processing before your aircraft has even landed.

Ground Truthing

Locate problem areas and pinpoint problem areas that need to be examined. Botlink gives you real-time aerial imagery access to zero in on what's important.

Livestock Monitoring

Ranchers and farmers can monitor the locations and health of their livestock, fence performance and feed supplies through on-demand aerial imagery delivered directly from the aircraft to the cloud.

Crop Damage Assessment

Quickly and effectively assess the severity of hail, cold temperatures or other threats to your crops. Botlink allows farmers to gather and analyze high-resolution images at a moments notice.

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The Botlink platform is available as an add-on for your existing drone or as a complete package including aircraft, camera, tablet and a subscription to all of Botlink's powerful, yet easy-to-use features including photo and NDVI image capture/processing, automated drone control, manned aircraft alerts and weather information.

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