From the clouds to the cloud – Botlink & Egnyte Integration

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by Kyler Olson, Marketing Team
on Sep 18, 2017

Drones. You might think of them only used for military purposes or hobbyists capturing aerial videos over their favorite campsites, but drones have been revolutionizing a variety of industries with their numerous commercial applications.

Botlink provides an end-to-end drone software system designed to help people use drones, especially in construction and agriculture. This allows users to automate flights from takeoff to landing, capture sensor data from a bird’s eye view, plan missions with the touch of a finger, and processes actionable data for smarter business decisions.

During flight, drones capture anywhere from hundreds to thousands of aerial images that need to be stored securely and shared quickly with colleagues to be put to good use. In the business world, time spent manually downloading and sharing drone results is time and money wasted.

This is where the Egnyte + Botlink integration comes into play.

Egnyte and Botlink partnered to help users quickly and safely share data with colleagues. Drone data, such as processed aerial maps, are automatically synced by Egnyte, keeping the data safe while allowing file sharing in one easy-to-access location. There are many benefits of the integration:

● Sync data automatically into the Egnyte platform

● All files can be accessed anywhere, on any device

● Organize files using the familiar and intuitive Egnyte user interface

● Users are able to safely share files with colleagues to improve collaboration

● Saves time and increases productivity

How Egnyte + Botlink improves your business workflow:

Construction project managers use Botlink to capture aerial imagery and process maps of worksites. Drones make regular flights to monitor progress from initial survey to project closeout. It’s important that managers have the ability to share their drone data with project estimators to give accurate bids, provide crew members with more purposeful planning and safety meetings, and inform investors of progress updates, and other stakeholders.

The Botlink + Egnyte integration makes it easy to share captured drone data with others. Users can make annotations, share comments, and mark up maps.

Egnyte provides Botlink users a central location to securely store their drone imagery, easily organize it by date and location, and quickly share it with collaborators to make more informed and unified decisions. Egnyte + Botlink helps professionals and industries streamline their workflows and improve bottom lines with more actionable drone data.

About Egnyte

Egnyte transforms business through smarter content, allowing organizations to connect, protect, and unlock value from all their content. Their  Content Intelligence platform delivers smart content collaboration and governance in the cloud or on-premises to thousands of businesses around the world.

Egnyte is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Investors include venture capital firms, such as Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, as well as technology partners, such as CenturyLink and Seagate Technology. Learn more about Egnyte.

Interested in learning more about how Botlink can improve your business? Please visit where you can chat with one of our specialists, sign up for a free trial, or sign up for a free demo.


Kyler Olson

Marketing Team

Since arriving at Botlink, Kyler has been a quick study and enjoys sharing what he learns with professionals who could benefit from using drones.

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