How it Works

Capture images and video autonomously, plan and save flight plans, and add custom profiles.

Botlink provides an end-to-end system designed to help people use drones to make their jobs easier.


Connect Drones Seamlessly

Connect to the most common DJI and MAVLink drones available and save multiple profiles in the Botlink app to select the right drone for the right job.

Flight planning@2x

Flight Planning Made Simple

Choose an area or linear survey and simply drag and drop to create a unique and customizable flight plan. Then save your plans to quickly take to the skies and track your site over time.

Flight control@2x

Flight Control Reimagined

Experience fully automated takeoffs, landings, and everything in-between with the Botlink Capture app. Enjoy the power to fully automate cameras, sensors, and even live video to make sure you never miss a shot.


Powerful Processing

Put your drone imagery to work by uploading to our closed-based software to create valuable, high-definition maps. Choose from orthomosaic, vegetation index, terrain maps, and 3D models to gather the exact data you need. Make smarter business decisions with every flight to save time and money.


Measure, Annotate, and Collaborate

Organize your flights in the Botlink app by folder according to location and date for easy accessibility. Keep track of all of your projects over time and access your maps anywhere there’s an internet connection.


Export and Connect to Apps

The Botlink app was built to be versatile. Effortlessly export image files to industry standard software like AgLeader®, SMS™, and agX®  SST agriculture software. Streamline your workflow and get expert insight with the tools you’re already familiar with.

See how Botlink can take your business to new heights

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