Flight Planning

Flight template@2x min
Flight Templates

Choose from area or linear flight plans to survey any terrain. Minimal effort with full control.

Saved Flights

Create and save flight paths to instantly fly the same area to get you in the skies quicker.

Drone Profiles

Enjoy the versatility of saving multiple drone profiles to select the right drone for the right job.

Resume Flights

Land at anytime to change a drone battery and your flight will resume exactly where it left off.

Flight template@2x min

Aerial Mapping

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Mapping Tools

Area@2x min

Mapping Tools

Area@2x min
Area Measurements

Capturing large areas of land has never been easier. Area flights allow you to cover ground quickly and efficiently while creating highly detailed maps.


Effortlessly collaborate on projects by sharing notes and location specific comments, with colleagues and clients.

Linear Measurements

Map utility lines, roads, and rivers with ease. Select the area, the number of passes, and gather precise data to use on demand.


Introducing the new and improved volumetrics. Discover the calculated area and margin of error. Get the data you need within hours, not weeks.

Export to Apps

Engage with your data in the exact way you want to. Have the freedom to export to a wide variety of file types to analyze maps with ease.


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