Your link between drones and industry

Botlink helps you quickly capture drone data, distribute it to trade tools, and respond to changing conditions in real-time.


Use our Botlink Capture mobile app to fly your DJI™ drone.


Upload your data to the cloud and export to your industry software.


Integrate with industry software you already use and put your data to work.

Flight planning@2x

Simplified Flight Planning

Anyone can fly drones and collect data with a touch of a finger. Simply fly your drone with drag and drop linear and area flight plans with automated takeoff, flight, and landing.


Process High Resolution Maps

Upload drone imagery to our cloud-based software to create valuable, high-definition maps that will help save you time and make smarter business decisions to save you money.

Inspection tools@2x

Powerful Map Inspection Tools

Mark up and annotate maps to share notes with colleagues and even take length and area measurements with powerful mapping tools.

Export tools@2x

Export and Connect to Apps

Export compatible file types and connect industry software, making it easy for you to analyze maps with tools and apps already familiar to them.

Own a Drone

Seamless Drone Connection

We work with a variety of long-range fixed-wing, and nimble multi-rotor, drones. Shop our store to find the right drone and bundle our software services to save money as you expand your fleet.

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