A cloud-based drone operations platform.

Botlink is a drone operations platform that connects drones to industry and gives operators real-time access to the data they collect. Botlink provides data processing and delivery, automated drone control, airspace awareness, manned aircraft locations, weather overlays and the redundancy of radio and cellular connections.

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Conveniently gather aerial imagery of construction sites at any time and deliver that imagery to all stakeholders automatically, in real time. Botlink has solutions for each phase of your construction projects.

Easily obtain aerial imagery of your farm or ranch and use the imagery to monitor all of your day-to-day operations, all in real time. Botlink has solutions for every aspect of your agriculture efforts.

Simple and Safe

You shouldn't have to limit yourself to certain features when using drone control software. That's why Botlink is the best end-to-end drone operations platform for automated control, safety, and data delivery. Botlink provides user-friendly features such as completely automated takeoffs, flights and landings, grid pattern surveys, and the situational awareness to fly as simply and safely as possible.

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We connect drones where YOU need them, not where we want them. Botlink's XRD device connects your drone to the internet through a secure cellular connection, allowing data to begin processing while the aircraft is still in the air. We also offer integrations with industry-specific construction and agriculture software providers.

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