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10 Amazing Drone Photos You Need To See

Take a look at some of the most amazing photos captured from above.

How to Save Time and Improve Safety with Drones

These days, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or more commonly, drones, are not just for photographers and hobbyists. Today, they are quickly becoming a part of the commercial world. They are a prominent tool for many in several different industries, ranging from agriculture and law enforcement to construction—including general contractors and specialty subcontractors, like roofers. Drones are here, helping businesses save time and money, keeping their employees safe, and providing them with accurate information to better their business. Sound enticing? We think so too. However, before you think of adding a drone into your business plan, there are a few things you need to know.

9 Tips to Improve Drone Flight Time

Drones are the talk of the town these days. Everywhere you go people are buzzing about them. They’re cool. They’re fun. They let you see the world from a spectacular bird’s-eye view. As great and revolutionary as these machines are (we may be just a touch biased), we’re going to go ahead, lay it all out on the table, and address one of their few shortcomings: flight times. As far as drones have evolved over the years, many consumer models still feature a max flight time of around 20 minutes. Some offer as little as five minutes. This fallback can be annoying to those wanting to fly longer than a third of an hour (which is probably the vast majority of pilots) so we wanted to give you some helpful tips (nine of them to be exact!) on how you can keep your drone in the air longer:

9 Questions For Sally French "The Drone Girl"

When it comes to drones, very few people are as passionate as Sally French "The Drone Girl." French travels the globe giving lectures on the industry and is the creator of the popular website Here, Botlink caught up with her to talk about how she got her start with drones, what the future may hold for them, and how they have positively impacted her life.

Nitrogen Application Study on Corn: How UAVs Can Benefit Crops

As the owner of ForeFront Ag Solutions, an independent crop consulting business located in Indiana, Erich Eller specializes in agronomy and precision agriculture. For the past two years he has incorporated drones into his business. He flies an AgEagle drone, and uses Botlink software to analyze the images he captures. Erich has consulted a 56-acre field for the past few years, with corn being planted this most recent season. The field has experienced some difficulty, as a number of areas were troubled with drowned-out spots due to heavy rainfall. Another issue is that several different soil types are found on the field, ranging from finer texturers made of clay to coarser soil composed of silt and sand. Within this field, Erich and his client performed a nitrogen trial. They plotted 16 rows running north and south with varying levels of nitrogen sprayed on each row. Different types of soil were used within the rows as well. Erich was aware of the issues in the field, but he was looking to determine effective and efficient nitrogen levels to spray. He also wanted to see if his NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) maps would truly align with the field’s yield map.

10 Terms and Abbreviations That Every Drone Enthusiast Should Know

Did you know that drones have their own lingo? Yaw right! No, it’s true! Drones and drone enthusiasts have their own unique terms and abbreviations used to communicate with their drones and one another. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 terms and abbreviations so that in no time at all you'll be able to “speak drone” and better understand aspects of operating, buying, and maintaining one. Get ready, because you're about to be the envy of all your friends!

NDVI vs. False-NDVI - What's Better For Analyzing Crop Health?

Measuring crop health and how to ensure accurate results.

Introducing Flight Sharing

Botlink's latest update allows you to share your missions, flight data, measurements, and annotations with clients and colleagues in just a few simple steps.

What’s the difference between a Drone, UAV, and UAS?

Everyone has heard the term “drone.” It’s becoming an increasingly popular way to refer to the small (usually) helicopter-like devices that are being flown by millions of people around the globe. However, there’s a host of other terms used to describe them, which can make things a bit confusing. It does seem a bit strange to have the word “drone” used to not only cover a $30 hobby aircraft that a child can fly, but to also describe a high-tech $10 million weapon used on a battlefield. Those devices don't exactly serve the same purpose. So why don't they have different names? Okay, so for starters, basically every UAV is a drone...but not every drone is a UAV. Still confused? Completely understandable! Before we dig in further, it’s worth noting that with drones becoming increasingly popular, it’s likely some of these definitions will change in the future when the FAA eventually settles on more specific terms. This isn't a bad thing, as drone is so all-encompassing at the moment that it's hard for people in various industries to agree on anything. But for now, here’s a brief explanation of the different phrases you’ve likely heard to help you understand what each one means and what the difference (if any) there is between them:

Know the Rules: Drone Regulations and Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a pilot license to fly? Do you need to register your drone? Answers to common questions regarding FAA rules and regulations.

The 3 Main Categories of Drones and Their Advantages & Disadvantages

Uncover the 3 main types of UAVs, their advantages and disadvantages, and the uses of each type.

New Features
Botlink integrates with agX to explore new opportunities for drones in agriculture

Improved workflows for agronomists ensure more growers experience drone benefits.

From the clouds to the cloud – Botlink & Egnyte Integration

Drones. You might think of them only used for military purposes or hobbyists capturing aerial videos over their favorite campsites, but drones have been revolutionizing a variety of industries with their numerous commercial applications.

How Do I Make Money With My Drone?

It seems everyone has their own side-hustle these days. Many people sign up for ridesharing services, others walk dogs in their free time, some rent out their homes to strangers. But you? You’ve got a drone. You have the best kind of potential side-hustle!

Dead Zones: How drones could help save the Gulf of Mexico

Drones and precision farming in the Midwest could help save marine life and fishing jobs in the Gulf of Mexico.

I just bought a drone. Now what? (Drone rules and regulations.)

Drone rules and regulations help keep you and the public safe, whether you're flying drones as a hobby or commercially.

RGB Sensors vs. NIR Sensors - Which Is Better for Measuring Crop Health?

Improve crop yields by selecting the right sensor for your agricultural drone.

Discover NDVI and its Valuable Uses in Agriculture

What exactly is NDVI and how can it benefit agronomists and farmers?

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