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The 3 Main Categories of Drones and Their Advantages & Disadvantages

Uncover the 3 main types of UAVs, their advantages and disadvantages, and the uses of each type.

New Features
Botlink integrates with agX to explore new opportunities for drones in agriculture

Improved workflows for agronomists ensure more growers experience drone benefits.

From the clouds to the cloud – Botlink & Egnyte Integration

Drones. You might think of them only used for military purposes or hobbyists capturing aerial videos over their favorite campsites, but drones have been revolutionizing a variety of industries with their numerous commercial applications.

How Do I Make Money With My Drone?

It seems everyone has their own side-hustle these days. Many people sign up for ridesharing services, others walk dogs in their free time, some rent out their homes to strangers. But you? You’ve got a drone. You have the best kind of potential side-hustle!

Dead Zones: How drones could help save the Gulf of Mexico

Drones and precision farming in the Midwest could help save marine life and fishing jobs in the Gulf of Mexico.

I just bought a drone. Now what? (Drone rules and regulations.)

Drone rules and regulations help keep you and the public safe, whether you're flying drones as a hobby or commercially.

RGB Sensors vs. NIR Sensors - Which Is Better for Measuring Crop Health?

Improve crop yields by selecting the right sensor for your agricultural drone.

Discover NDVI and its Valuable Uses in Agriculture

What exactly is NDVI and how can it benefit agronomists and farmers?

9 ways agricultural drones revolutionize your farm or ranch

Like tractors of the sky, drones are changing agriculture, saving farmers time and helping them work more efficiently.

Botlink collaborates with NASA for UAS Traffic Management Project

NASA plans to keep 2.6 million drones from crashing into each other, and they asked Botlink to help.

Toys or Tools? 7 helpful ways to use drones in construction

7 key uses for drones in construction to help you improve your bottom line.

Botlink Everywhere: Right Where You Need Us

Botlink Everywhere means users can capture and upload data from their flights with or without a cellular network connection, using a tablet, smartphone or web application, making Botlink a universal tool anywhere in the world, including urban and rural areas or internationally.

UAS Summit Expo Recap Part 2: Botlink CEO, Others Talk Teaming with NASA

UAS Summit Expo 2016 Part 2

UAS Summit Expo Recap Part 1: 10 Years of Drones

UAS Summit Expo 2016

AgEagle Chooses Botlink as Drone Control, Safety, and Data Partner

AgEagle aircraft will now include the Botlink drone operations platform.

Botlink Creates First Cellular-Connected 3DR Solo

Botlink has created the first cellular-connected 3DR solo drone using an XRD.

Botlink Teams Up with Procore

Botlink customers now have the ability to incorporate UAV imagery into their Procore Albums.

Vine Rangers Gets FAA Exemption For Precision Ag

Vine Rangers, a California based vineyard monitoring company and friend of Botlink, landed a much coveted FAA Section 333 exemption for flying their drones for commercial purposes and charging customers for the work they're doing.

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